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Dynport develops digital products since 2009. We work with entrepreneurs and corporations continuously.

Our Company

Dynport by the ages

  • Hamburg, since 2011

    Translate your software better. Translation management solution for web and mobile applications.

    Created by Dynport.

  • Berlin & Hamburg, 2015

    Wunderlist is the easiest way to get stuff done with personal and professional to-do lists.

    We created an API platform to connect and sync Wunderlist data with 3rd party vendors such as Microsoft OneNote.

  • Berlin, 2014-2015

    Locafox enhances the offline shopping experience for online and mobile consumers by allowing them to make more informed buying decisions.

    We built a data aggregation software and advised the engineering-team.

    Hamburg, 2014

    Discover up to 1,000 new startups every day. discovers new startups on a daily basis and tracks their performance continuously.

    Created by Dynport.

  • Berlin, 2013-2014

    The BILD photo community for Germany's top-selling daily newspaper.

    We developed the 1414 iOS-, Android- and AngularJS-Application together with Axel Springer. Backed by a Ruby API and our own scalable provisioning framework on AWS.

  • Berlin & Hamburg, 2011-2013

    Wimdu, the marketplace for private short-time rentals, connects traveller and hosts worldwide.

    Kick-started and lead the technology, built the product and engineering team.

  • Berlin, 2012

    testCloud is a provider of crowd sourced software testing.

    Dynport invested in the first round of financing.

  • Berlin & Hamburg, 2013

    Millions of customers manage tasks with Wunderlist.

    We scaled and extended the infrastructure, coached the team and optimized the API.

  • Hamburg, 2011

    Loftville was a German internet rental site that offers to connect suitable tenants with the most attractive apartments of cities.

    We developed the prototype and the interviewing process for technical staff.

  • Hamburg & Berlin, 2009

    Successful affiliate provider for immaterial goods. GratisPay was sold to Sponsorpay in 2010.

    We developed the platform in Ruby and scaled the infrastructure.

  • SimfySimfy
    Cologne & Hamburg, 2009-2013

    Simfy enables million users to play more than 20 million songs.

    We developed an aggregation system for multimedia content, a suggest-engine and an API in Ruby - optimized for high traffic.

  • ligxligx
    Hamburg, 2009

    Ligx streamed live music for it's users.

    We developed the platform and the streaming technology for broadcasting concerts live.

  • Dynport was founded in 2009Dynport
    2009, Founded in Hamburg

Top-notch Engineering

Dynport is the engineering company behind many well-known products.

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Entrepreneurs, start-up founders, investors and corporations work with us.

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We deliver software with agile methods for huge audiences.

Our programming languages include Ruby, GoLang, Java, SWIFT and Objective-C.

We work with the latest technologies, while supporting personal and technical goals sustainably. We offer a variety of projects in a safe working environment.

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